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I love to Snow Ski.  I started skiing when I was 4 years old.  Both of my parents were Ski Instructors up at Crystal Mt. So I learned how to snow ski at a very early age.


Here I am in the Crystal Mt "Cherry Tree" downhill race back in 1967.  Note the smile I have on my face, like 'oh man, did I forget to pre-jump this steep hill!?'   :-)


Here I am doing a "Back Scratcher" at Crystal Mt back in 1975


Here I am finishing a "360 Helicopter Spead" at Big Mt, Montana back in 1980.


Here I am getting some "air" on the first jump in a mogul competition at Bogus Basin, ID back in 1984.


Here I am skiing at Crystal Mt back in 1986.

Here I am touching Mt. Rainier from the top of Crystal Mt.  :-)


Here I am skiing the bumps up at Crystal Mt back in 1990.



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